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This is the information centre of the sun bed website. In here you can find answers to questions you may have ranging from the benefits of tanning and health aspects to tanning times. By clicking on the following pictures you can find in detail the information offered. The details next to each picture are the title headings in the document.

Please click the images on the left to view or If you are experiencing difficulty in viewing or want to print a copy, then why not try downloading it by clicking 'Download'.

To comply with legislation all sunbeds are 0.3 compliant, further intormation can be found on the HSE website

When should you take extra care with tanning?
Is it wise to have a few sessions on a sun bed before going on holiday?

How can you tan sensibly?

Is tanning healthy?

Does the skin type make much difference?
Does a sun bed tan just like the sun?

Sensible tanning?
What are the benefits of tanning?
Why do we go brown?

Skin table.

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